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Quicken Error Cc-501 errors occur when Windows operating system becomes corrupted. Eventually, the programs will be slower and the response time is high. The application may crashes and freezes. There are numerous causes of this error including registry errors, excessive startup entries, corrupted files and incomplete program installations.

Reasons for Error cc-501:

  • Corrupt files download or incomplete installation of Quicken software.
  • Corruption in Windows registry files.
  • Recent Quicken-related software change (installs or uninstall).
  • Virus or malware infection that infected the Windows system files.
  • Unknown program mistakenly deleted Quicken-related files.
  • This might be expected to:
  • The bank refreshing security settings
  • Web settings, firewalls, switches, a fly up blocker, or your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • A server blackout
  • In case you’re utilizing an unsupported variant of Quicken support Helpline

Step by Step Solution for Quicken Software:  Quicken

  • Tap the Start catch and select the Control Panel. In Windows 10, the Control Panel is situated in the Windows System envelope in the Start menu.
  • Select Network and Internet, at that point Internet Options.
  • Go to the Advanced tab.
  • Look down to the Security Section.
  • Check TLS 1.2
  • Snap Apply then OK.
  • Attempt your refresh in Quicken once more.
  • In the event that refreshing the advanced settings does not resolve the mistake take after the extra strides beneath.
  • If you have still facing this Problem you may call quicken support helpline Toll free and resolve your issues remotely.

Quicken is a personal finance management tool developed by Quicken Inc. On March 3, 2016, Intuit announced plans to sell Quicken to H.I.G. Capital; terms of the sale were not disclosed. Different versions of Quicken run on Windows and Macintosh systems. Previous versions ran on DOS and the Apple II. There are several versions of Quicken for Windows, including Quicken Starter, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Rental Property Manager, Quicken Premier, and Quicken Home & Business, as well as Quicken for Mac. Since 2008, each version has tended to have the release year in the product name ; before then, versions were numbered . Quickens major marketplace is North America, and most of the software sold is specialized for the United States and Canadian marketplace and user base. But the core functions can often be used more widely, regardless of country; and versions have been tailored for a variety of marketplaces, including Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Singapore. Development of the UK-specific version of Quicken was stopped in January 2005, with sales and support ending shortly afterwards. Quicken Password Recovery Phone Number☎ +1-800-381-5034, Customer Service Toll Free Number.

There were also versions for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Related products The Quicken brand has been extended to other personal and household areas, including healthcare. Quicken Health Expense Tracker is a free online tool for healthcare consumers enrolled in participating health plans. Users can “manage and direct their health care finances, view and organize medical expenses, payments and service histories, and download and organize personal health claims data.” The Quicken Medical Expense Manager is a desktop software tool for managing healthcare paperwork, tracking claims and payments, and consolidating related information. Quicken Kids & Money was a Web-based program that aimed to help parents teach five- to eight-year-old children how to earn, spend, save, and share money. It is defunct. Other products are aimed at home business and seem to fit in a space for a less formal business than would be using QuickBooks. Quicken Rental Property Manager is a desktop software tool for managing rental properties; tracking tenants, expenses, and payments; and producing tax reports. Software as a service Quicken Online was a free, hosted solution by Intuit. Intuit hosted all of the user’s data, and provided patches and regularly upgraded the software automatically. Initially this was launched as a monthly paid subscription, and was a free service for over a year.

During the year that it was free, it acquired over 1.5 million customers. Intuit completed the acquisition of competitor Mint.com on November 2, 2009. Quicken Online was discontinued on August 29, 2010, and users were encouraged to transition to Mint.com. Beginning with Quicken 2018, Quicken is now a subscription service. Annual memberships can be purchased directly from Quicken.com and two-year subscriptions can be purchased through several retailers. Quicken Password Recovery Phone Number☎ +1-800-381-5034, Customer Service Toll Free Number.

Editions The following are current and retired versions of Quicken. Current Selling Quicken 2018 for Windows Quicken 2018 for Mac Starter, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business, Rental Property Manager 2015 – April 30, 2018 Starter, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business, Rental Property Manager 2014 – April 30, 2017 Starter, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business, Rental Property Manager 2013 – April 30, 2016 Starter, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business, Rental Property Manager 2012 – April 30, 2015 Starter, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business Edition 2011 – April 30, 2014 Starter, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business, Rental Property Manager 2010 – April 30, 2013 Starter, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business 2009 – April 30, 2012 Basic, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business 2008 – April 27, 2011 Basic, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business 2007 – April 30, 2010 2006 – April 30, 2009 2005 – April 30, 2008 2004 – April 30, 2007 2003 – April 25, 2006 2002 – April 19, 2005 2001 – April 19, 2005 2000 – May 18, 2004 98 and 99 – April 20, 2004 Version 6 for Windows. “Designed for Windows 95. Release 6.0. 1996″ Version 3 for Windows 3.1 Quicken Essentials for Mac – April 30, 2015 Quicken for Mac 2007 – retired October 2016 In 2008 and 2009, Quicken users reported an unusually large number of software bugs for a commercial product. A review of Quicken 2010 suggests that quality and user interface in that product year is dramatically improved. Existing Quicken Online users’ data is not transferable/importable into Mint.com. This is in direct contrast to VP Aaron Pater’s promise, made on April 27, 2010: “you can continue to use Quicken Online just like you have. Once we have completed integrating all features to Mint, you will be able to easily transfer your information and data to ensure the smoothest transition possible.” History of Quicken and the absence of a common cross-platform file format Quicken use a database file structure. Since Quicken started on MS-DOS and the Apple II back in 1983, a database structure of choice did not exist for the Macintosh, nor has there really been a good common database structure developed that was cross-platform compatible created in the early days. So, when Mac development started, it had to take an independent path, and the DOS version transitioned to Windows. Then when Mac OS X came out in 1999 and 2001, a new platform emerged. Apple developed backward compatibility for OS 9, so Quicken for Mac development continued in an older platform database structure. Apple continued to support PowerPC-based apps on their Intel-based Macs in August 2009. Rosetta was a temporary measure to support the eventual transition to exclusively Intel-based software.

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